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I'm Thibaud and I make games. Here's a bit of what describes me best:

  • I'm 22, I live in France and study at Supinfogame
  • I do game design and game programming, mostly with Unity using C#
  • I love designing gameplay and scripting it afterward

I'm working on ULTRAFLOW 2 atm ;>

Down below are all the playable games I made/was part of.

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Still minimalist and awesome
2016 | Game designer - Developer - Graphic Artist
8 months | Uncomplete - Upcoming

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ULTRAFLOW 2 is the second iteration of the ULTRAFLOW licence.

This description is short because I'm working on the game. Stay tuned for the release!

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Ghost Recon: Wildlands

PS4     ONE      
Upcoming Open World Tactial Shooter
2015 | Game designer
4 months | Uncomplete - Upcoming

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands is the next installment of the Ghost Recon franchise.

I worked on this project during a 4 months internship at Ubisoft Paris Studio. I was part of the Digital Services team as a Game Designer.

My missions consisted on designing online and digital services focused on ARM problematics.

I worked on the matchmaking, some social, economic and cross platform features (that are still under NDA) and the DLCs.

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Minimalist puzzle game on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Kindle & Web
2015 | Game designer - Developer - Graphic Artist
6 months | Complete - Released

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ULTRAFLOW is a nostalgic game. It reminds me of those flash games I played when I was young. It's hard but fair, minimalist but understandable, and amazingly viral.

Watching someone flick the ball and fail will likely give you this fever, you know, the "I'm better than you, let me do this" one. But you'll fail as much.

It has been featured on Gamejolt, itchi.ioGoogle Play Store, App Store, Amazon App Store, Windows Phone Store and Unity3D (and Baidu). Also the Windows Phone 8 version has been selected for the Unity Offer Program! The overall rating is 4.5/5, with more than 3,500,000 players on all platforms worldwide.

I worked with 4 fine peeps, Franck (with whom I've made 16), Gautier, Theophile and Maxime.

I designed and developed the game, graphics and tools with Unity3D and published it on several platforms (Android, iOS etc.).

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Poetic memory game on Android, iOS and Windows Phone
2014 | Game Programmer
3 months | Complete - Released

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HiLight was my first experience in the industry. I worked on it during my whole 3 months internship at Infinite Square, a Paris-based company specialized in Microsoft technologies and B2B.

In this game, you'll have to reproduce sequences of inputs and travel through 75 procedurally generated levels.

Here's the website with download links. The overall rating is 4/5, with approximately 30,000 players (or a lot lot more, I don't know for sure).

I developed the game system and gameplay loop, integrated a part of the UI and optimized the port on Android and Windows Phone.

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Retro platformer on PC & Web
2013 | Game designer - Developer - Graphic Artist
2 months | Complete - Released

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16 is my first complete game as both a programmer and a game designer. It's a love letter to every platformer aficionados, and it was made by two guys that hadn't even begun their career in the industry. Frankly, we had no idea of what we were doing, but we did it and it was awesome.

In this game, you'll have to create your own pixelated characters and control, explode and/or sacrifice them to progress. There's 56 levels for about 2 hours of fun and rage.

We attended the Casual Game Cup 2013 with it, and we won two prizes, the Audience Award & Most Original Universe Price. I would rather not call it a casual game though.

You'll find it here, here, here and here. The overall rating is 4/5, with approximately 15,000 players.

I worked with Franck. He made the levels and the musics. I designed and developed the game and graphic aspect using FlashPunk.

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Squid Squad !

Multiplayer First Person Squid on Windows
2014 | Gameplay Designer
7 days | Prototype - Released

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Squid Squad ! is a First Person Shooter made in seven days for the 7DFPS 2014.

This (buggy) prototype is a local multiplayer FPS where each player controls a tentacle. You can plug up to 10 mice and Xbox 360 pads and try to move &  shoot angry robot teenagers.

Here's the download page.

I worked with Tom Victor. He made the graphic assets and the multi controller support. I developed the game system, controls, AI & the weapon system.


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PatchWork Ballet

Ballet x Twister party game on Android
2014 | Game Programmer
2 weeks | Prototype - Unreleased

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PatchWork Ballet is a local multiplayer Party Game made in two weeks in partnership with Gameloft.

The concept is to have 4 fingers on a single screen (think Twister). Each one of them controls a member of a ballerina doll that has to execute a procedural choreography.

You can download the game here, but it's buggy and may not work on your device.

I worked in a team of 10, including my classmates Tom Victor & Chloé Ravallec. I developed the game system & gameplay, a level design tool and optimized the port on Android using Unity3D.

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